HotkeyNet: the next generation

HotkeyNet lets you slide the mouse cursor to the screens of other PCs. Programs with this feature are sometimes called KM or KVM software.

When the cursor slides over, your mouse and keyboard control the other PC. To make your mouse and keyboard work normally again, slide the mouse back.


Go to Settings on the main menu. Then click Mouseover Settings. You'll see pictures of your monitors. Drag them so they touch each other. You can arrange them however you like. When you're finished, click OK.

That's all you have to do. Here's an example.

There are three computers in this example. The mouse is plugged into Mom's PC. When the mouse slides left it will enter 2004a's screen. When it slides right it will enter 2007A's screen.

Advanced tips

Click "Show IP addresses" to see your computers' IP addresses in addition to their names.

With HotkeyNet, every PC can do the same things. This means every PC can use mouseover to control the others. To do this, set up mouseover on each PC as explained above. If you wish, each computer can have a different screen arrangement.

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